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When retired ASID agent Zak Harris walked into Grimrok Corporation, he had no idea he was about to be sucked into a vortex of intrigue. In a world that has transitioned from swords and sorcery to an age of lasers and sorcery, Zak must overcome his animosity towards his father’s people and join forces with a rebellious Elvish sorceress to unravel a mystery that could have catastrophic consequences.

Zak Harris never wanted to be a hero. He certainly didn’t want to be responsible for saving the entire planet. But when he reluctantly accepted a contract to find a missing SHIAM android prototype, he walked blindly into a fate that had already claimed him.

Tobias Grimrok, a Dwarf who’d immigrated to the Human nation of the Aragne Commonwealth, had turned Grimrok Corporation into one of the largest military contractors in the Commonwealth, as well as the run-away leader in android technology. And to prove how advanced these androids were, nearly all of Grimrok’s staff was SHIAM. Although the technology had been restricted to non-military use by the United World Federation, the possible commercial applications for the SHIAM were extensive and the majority of international corporations lusted after the highly guarded technology. But not everyone welcomed the advanced android technology and many saw the SHIAM as a threat to job security, as well as an abomination against sentient beings. When a fifth generation SHIAM goes missing, the future of Grimrok Corporation is suddenly threatened.

With no hard physical evidence to go on, Zak’s natural ability to sense magic comes into play when he is able to detect a trace of sorcery inside the Grimrok building. He had inherited the ability from his Elvish father, but he’d never embraced his Elvish heritage and so his talent was limited. In order to confirm what he suspected, Zak turns to the Institute of Paranormal and Occult Sciences for help. When the Institute sends a rebellious Elvish sorceress, Melanthrianis Teranika, to assist him with his investigation, Zak’s assignment becomes even more complicated. Not only does he learn that he is bound by fate to the antagonistic Elf, but she is also linked to a dark secret from his past.

Together, they must somehow learn to get along and find out what happened to the SHIAM. Was the theft an act of industrial espionage? Was it an act of sabotage carried out by the Elvish right wing EAST Group? Or was it an act of terror carried out by the Orkensha militants known as the Dhoraz Sect?

As Zak and Megan search for answers the mystery only grows darker. Five Elvish activists, an unidentified Orkensha and a Goblinesh informant are all found murdered. An unstable portal, wrapped in an esoteric blend of sorcery and technology, is discovered. Something is trying to come through the portal. And Zak suspects someone is playing them. Are these events connected to the missing SHIAM? Time is running out. Zak needs answers, but he must tread carefully or he could start a world war. Or destroy the planet.



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  • The SHIAM Conspiracy features Zak Harris, a half Elf, who is called in to solve a mystery at the Grimrok Coroporation. Teamed up with a sorceress, he must figure out who is murdering people and why. A well written, engaging fantasy novel with a wide array of supernatural creatures. Joseph Heck creates a detailed world that sucks you in. Well worth reading.

    S. K. Gregory (UK)    5 Stars on Amazon
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The world of Zak and Megan is much like ours. There is desire, attraction, deceit and there is murder ...